The Decline Of Facebook Groups For Bloggers

No doubt if you are a blogger you have discovered Facebook Blogging Groups. There are so many now and most of us belong to tons of them. I honestly attribute the growth of my blogs to Facebook. They were amazing once upon a time.

Let’s be honest there are thousands of blogs. Bloggers need other bloggers whether they want to admit that or not. Facebook Groups was a great vehicle for that. I remember the first month I started I was bringing in 700 views a day and that was traffic coming largely from Facebook.

You could find help and learn so much from others and it was a great way to gain exposure. I would spend all day on Facebook alone but in the last few months I have noticed a change.

Facebook is no longer my top source of traffic and I’ll tell you why. Facebook blogging groups are failing. Yes I said it. People no longer engage like they used to. There is a growing dishonesty that I imagine has happened because of the growing number of blogs.

It has really seemed as of late that it’s every man for himself. Other bloggers will just dump their posts or engage in threads and bald faced lie about their own accountability.

What I have always loved about blogging is the community aspect. It seemed that everyone wanted to help each other succeed but lately I have noticed that falling off. If you join a sharing thread you can bet most of the time maybe half will actually do what they claimed.

Should You Quit Facebook Groups?

No you shouldn’t! Stick to smaller groups that are moderated. Most of the groups are not controlled and monitored. Sad that it has to be that way because we need each other to succeed.

I have a blogging group myself and had to institute very strict rules. I have to check each thread to make sure people are being accountable.

To The Dumpers

A dumper is a blogger who just posts in groups and leaves. Some groups are all about that but the truth is it does very little for your blog. If you are dumping so are hundreds of other people.

The only answer is limit the groups you engage to those you know are monitored and providing results.

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