The Death of a Medium.

I am all things. And completely nothing. At the same time.

Photo by Sheryl Nields.

For the last 7 years I have spent a huge part of my existence attaching myself to a label that I considered to be my identity.

A psychic medium.

Most people consider me to be highly intuitive and highly intelligent.

And I like to think the same.

I have been intuitive all my life.

Along with other ways of being.

An artist. A writer. A dreamer. An entrepreneur. And a medium.

I found great peace in the spiritual path after searching for sources of healing from abuse and trauma growing up.

Discovering that I had unique talents was no surprise to me but being a medium was by far the most shocking even for myself.

I am a natural skeptic so when I discovered I had a gift to feel the dead, I wasn’t interested.

But something in the work kept me intrigued. Curious.

And then I saw the profound healing effects mediumship and spirituality had and I was hooked.

Nearly 8 years later I am realizing that being a medium is only one part of the journey of my story.

The being that is ME is a free being.

Constantly reinventing and discovering.

I am so much more than the intuitive, writer, artist, the medium.

My gifts are expansive.

I am an infinite conduit of new knowledge, growth and information.

Today the thought crossed my mind that if I let go of everything I have become and step into the being that is ME, then who am I?

How would I live my life differently?

If tomorrow was my first day on Earth what would I create?

Infinite possibilities? Infinite ways of being?

I feel this sense of freedom when I let go of any idea that is the only definition of ME.

I know that at the core of who I am is a human who wants to help other humans share their stories, their gifts and their beauty with the world.

We are all things. And nothing. All at the same time.