I wonder if some of this feedback from women entrepreneurs is affected by unconscious bias; women…
Women Who Code Dallas/Ft. Worth

I have a dozen of reasons to defend women VCs! Again, I’m one of them and take all the feedback to the same degree. I’ve pointed out many times that women VCs can’t invest in an entrepreneur on a gender/ethnicity/etc. basis only, since they do too have a fiduciary duty as fund managers: they have to invest in scalable businesses first of all. Therefore, some female entrepreneurs may take the rejection personally and leave a negative feedback. And this is only one of the reasons. However, along with the business interests we should also think about the support of female entrepreneurs by female VCs. Advice is the best we can do. But look — we hear a feedback that our advice wasn’t helpful or didn’t happen at all. So we could at least do that, even if we don’t invest.