Neha Deshwal
Apr 15 · 2 min read

Is the Indian government taking enough steps ?

In the time of global pandemic, the whole world is suffering and every country has got problems to deal with. On an individual level as well, people are fighting their own battles. But now and then there are cases of harming and molesting the doctors and policemen in various parts of our country. The coronavirus cases have already surged in India and the infected patients have reached above 11,000 while nearly 400 people have lost their lives. The government has been taking various steps and initiatives to prevent this outbreak.

But are the steps enough? According to me it’s a NO. As we have seen still mass gatherings are happening, ya they are mainly by the poor sections of the society, the daily wage workers who are stuck at different parts of the county with no proper shelter and food. The central and state governments claim to be doing enough for their survival by providing them shelter and enough food. But, if it was really enough why would the poor workers put their lives on risk and come out in such large numbers to get back to their native land.

‘No one wants to die’. They are stuck without their families and have lost contact to the outside world as well. Ya, there are some celebrities and well off people as well who are not with their family right now. But there’s as huge difference between the two. The latter have everything and are still at privilege of connecting to their families though various communication methods. But what about the poor and most vulnerable section of society. They never had the resources and are still deprived of the same. Various insecurities and confusion get over their mind in this alarming situation which motivates them to get away from their current place and run towards their native land. The government needs to get firm in its decision making and more diligent in their execution. The workers aren’t to be blamed for all this chaos. The prevailing situations are forcing them to go against the government guidelines because they see no hope for them in the government’s eyes.

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