Why I tweet about diversity at tech-related events in Toronto
Women & Color

Frequently asked questions about Women and Color

Since starting @womenandcolor in January, I’ve had a number of people ask me a whole range of questions. To provide additional transparency, here are the top seven questions that people ask me about Women and Color.

1. What is Women and Color?

Women and Color is a social initiative advocating for speaker diversity at tech-related events in Toronto.

We strive to improve gender and racial representation by highlighting speaker stats at local events on Twitter and building a directory of women and people of colour available for speaking opportunities.

2. How do you determine which events to cover?

Women and Color covers tech-related events in Toronto — and sometimes neighbouring cities for events that target Toronto’s tech audience — with at least two or more speakers.

The events covered aren’t specific to developer-related topics. It’s tech-related, meaning that a digital marketing event can fall under the umbrella of “tech-related”.

3. How do you calculate the stats you tweet?

For every tech-related event with two or more speakers, we take the number of women and PoC speakers listed and divide it by the total number of speakers — including the moderator, if mentioned — at the event.

This means that a speaker who identifies as a woman of colour (WoC) would be represented as a woman and a PoC in the stats.

4. How do you know if someone is a PoC?

Other than it being visibly apparent if the person would identify as a PoC, we take the following approach:

  1. Ask the person
  2. Ask the person’s colleagues if the person identifies as a PoC
  3. Check the origin of the person’s name, if applicable

Speakers and event organizers are encouraged to reach out to us if any of our stats were reported incorrectly.

5. How do I contact you if I want to make suggestions or corrections for an event?

Should you have suggestions or a correction needs to be made, please send us a direct message on Twitter, email us at hello[at]womenandcolor.com, or reply to a tweet it’s regarding.

6. How can I support Women and Color?

  1. Follow @womenandcolor on Twitter to show your support and stay up-to-date on speaker stats at tech-related events in Toronto
  2. Share Women and Color within your network to create awareness about this initiative among your friends and colleagues
  3. Encourage your friends and colleagues who identify as women and/or people of colour to signup to be speakers to create a larger pool of talented subject matter experts available for speaking opportunities
  4. Retweet event stats—instead of ❤-ing them—to further amplify the speakers stats for events and create additional awareness about this initiative within your network
  5. Support organizers who host events with equal representation of women and PoC and hold accountable event organizers who don’t by asking them—in public — why there isn’t equal representation

7. Why is “colour” misspelled in Women and Color?

Quite frankly, it’s purposely spelled “the American way” because our goal is to grow this initiative not just across Canada, but all over Unites States, too. With this in mind, it made sense to strategically spell it as “color” for when we enter the US market.