Have You Heard of the California Women’s List?

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest partner, the California Women’s List, which has just created a slate we think you might love! Here’s the e-mail sent to their members sent yesterday; please support this great new slate.


From the California Women’s List Team:

Today, we are introducing the California Women’s List Alumnae slate of candidates: 10 women who served in the California legislature before their time in Congress. You can help by donating $5 to each candidate on our slate.

We’ve set a goal to raise $5,000 and move the California Women’s List Alumnae slate to the top of the WomenCount leaderboard, inspiring even more people to join us and chip in. It won’t happen without your support now:


Your donations go directly to these congressional candidates, and a portion of your contribution goes to California Women’s List itself. Together, our donations to California female candidates can make a huge impact. Every vote counts, and so does every dollar.

Let’s move the California Women’s List Alumnae slate up the Leaderboard and show our candidates all we are doing to support them!


Thanks again for all that you do,

The WomenCount Team,
on behalf of the California Women’s List

You can find out more about the California Women’s List on their website.

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