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Women in AI Netherlands
2 min readNov 24, 2020


Gaby K. Slezák, WaiACCELERATE VR Ambassador at Women in AI

Having pioneered the new media landscape in Germany when the Web was still in its infancy, Gaby is a certified communication skills trainer with a psychology background and a master’s degree in Digital Learning. She is an internationally recognised expert for emerging technologies with a focus on AI, virtual teamwork and learning in 3D/VR — long before Corona. She just loves teaching and training in virtual worlds without borders.

Right now, as the VR Ambassador for Women in AI, Gaby is supporting women all over the world to collaborate and network in 3D spaces with ease.

“Women in AI not only connects and empowers women who work in the field of A.I., but also offers them a much needed visibility and programs like WaiACCELERATE to give female founders in AI a boost. The WAI community is growing every day and I feel lucky to have been able to work with so many exceptional women and their allies from all over the world. Women in AI also opens doors for aspiring young women globally.” tells Gaby.

Through the program WaiACCELERATE, Gaby and her fellow team members actively help female-led startups with AI-driven solutions which are not only innovative, but also driven by a sustainable, diverse and humanitarian mindset to get the mentorship, knowledge, funds, and workforce they need to thrive. To find the best experts you need work together internationally, and WaiACCELERATE chose a virtual business world as a platform for that kind of collaboration, in 3D and VR. As the WAI VR Ambassador, Gaby is passionate about helping the exceptional women to grow their businesses and have a positive impact.

“We need more women in A.I. because half of the world’s population is not participating equally in the development of technologies which have a huge impact on all of us. A.I. can not be left in the hands of engineers, either: we need people from other fields like psychology, sociology and ethics, and more diversity to reflect humanity in all future decisions.”

Join us tomorrow, November 25th, for an exciting Pitch Event in Virtual Reality, the finals of our first ethical leadership & business acceleration program, WaiACCELERATE. With the Final Pitch Event “ACCELER-AI-TE!”, we will celebrate 20+ impact & commercially-proof, earlystage startups and their founders. RSVP to secure your VR seat



Women in AI Netherlands is a nonprofit global do-tank on a mission to increase female representation and participation in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).