World Humanitarian Day Lauds Women: Now What?

Adamawa, Nigeria — 19 August 2014, Rosalia Gitau, HWN co-founder, visits a Women’s Health Clinic in Northeast Nigeria

We call upon the IASC Principals in Geneva to go beyond awareness to action — three years on.

This 19 August, World Humanitarian Day (WHD) was dedicated to commemorating the contributions of women working in the aid industry. Comprising 43 percent of the aid employees, (Devex survey), women aid workers are the first to respond to crises and among the last to leave: from responding to the Ebola outbreak in Congo to supporting Rohingyan refugees, humanitarian women are at the frontlines saving lives and easing human suffering.

“We need more women in leadership [and] a more inclusive equitable culture should be put in place.”

— Anika Krstic, Country Director at Action Against Hunger and co-founder of HWN.

Team at Humanitarian Women’s Network

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