The road ahead in building the Kenyan tech ecosystem: Perspectives from #WomenInTechKE
Women in Tech Kenya

Thank you for reading, and your feedback.

We don’t believe that our organisational affiliations invalidate the sentiments shared. We believe these opinions, by all undersigned, are valid. Our contribution to the issues at hand remains, and indeed, we stand for leaders being held to account; however, the denigration of all affiliated is fundamentally problematic.

The allusion that we are puppets is a manifestation of the abuse women continue to face, whether they speak up or not. It is unfortunate that anyone could think this is an arm-twisted response, or that we are guilty by association. We all have work to do; and this is our commitment to keeping on in this quest.

We concur that the Ushahidi Board does have to account for how this matter was handled. That is up to them. We penned this in the interest of ensuring that while many other issues come to the fore at this critical inflection point, there are jobs, achievements and impact to safeguard as we forge on.