White people have a challenging time thinking before they speak when it comes to the adventurous use of a word that they don’t deserve to manipulate for any reason other than to humiliate.
Dear White People, Please Stop Using The “N-Word” To Fight Your Battles
Ezinne Ukoha

agreed — I’m sick to the back teeth of having to try to explain to people that just because black people use the word does not mean that they can.

its not our history, its not our word to reclaim

it was a word used by white people to dehumanize and humiliate black people (I know you know all of this already so forgive me for repeating you back to you)

it has so much power and white people have absolutely no right to use it.

I think the issue is that white people on the whole are not used to being told they can’t do something, that they can’t say something or that they can’t have access to something.

despite having places so many restrictions on so many other’s the concept of “that’s not for you” doesn’t make any sense to them.

it is exactly the same with cultural appropriation.

I’ve live a life in privilege — I can go a festival season without wearing a sacred native american war bonnet to save offending and disrespecting a whole culture.

I know that the white feminist movement can be blinkered in a lot of ways — which is both upsetting and infuriating in equal measures,

but to you my fellow feminist I make the following pledge;

I will always do my best to stand up for women of color, I will always try to recognize and be mindful of my privilege and will try to use it as a platform to improve things for all women.

I will seek to understand the difference and never forget that women of color have a bigger fight to fight, and I will strive to stand beside them in that fight.