An unexpected feminist film

I wanted to say a few words about Abderrahmane Sissako’s latest film Timbuktu. I expected it to be emotional, real and slow after seeing Bamako many years ago. But I didn’t expect the film to be focused on so many different strong female characters.

I appreciated the above review (the Tumblr page is also a great source of good movie recommendations), I feel that one thing wasn’t mentioned. The honesty with which the women in the film face the actions of the men, that are covered up by their false motivations, is so striking that at some point in the movie I felt that Timbuktu is a deeply feminist movie. In a way that women are real characters with depth, insight, even some secret powers (usually reserved for male characters even in the best of films). Here they don’t do or say a lot, they don’t scurry for lead roles — that is not the prerequisite to equality. They’re given time and space to deal with the violent, thoughtless, sometimes impulsive and even accidental actions of men. In their own female ways.

It was a new experience for me in cinema.

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