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Sam and Allan (www.typewithwonder.com)

Why Wonder Keyboard?

When Apple opened the door to third party keyboards a little over a year ago, a seemingly standard, albeit important component grew and expanded into so much more than an input tool. Third party keyboards offered people novel and slick ways to input thoughts, or delightful graphics into conversations. However, when it came to enhancing the written content that people typed into their conversation or emails, it was a space left untouched by keyboards.

Wonder Keyboard is an iOS keyboard that suggests smart or funny vocabulary to use based on the context of the conversation. The keyboard features different “personas”, which act as filters to transform people’s written messages into engaging and entertaining content.

Wonder Keyboard is launching with 4 personas: the Texan, the Valley Girl, the Aristocrat, and the All-American. Each persona is crafted using a particular subset of English that range from the erudite-sounding Aristocrat to the euphemism-filled Texan. In the coming months, the “CEO” persona is rumored to join the conversation. Personas have superpowers to help users master new words. For example, they can help users learn the new vocabulary they encountered while typing with the keyboard, or demonstrate idioms through humorous illustrations.

Wonder Keyboard has a strong education component. The Aristocrat was created with test prep and vocabulary expansion in mind, and is armed with over 1500 SAT and GRE-level words. The All-American was built to help English as a second language (ESL) learners tackle the complexities that exist in the language such as idioms and euphemisms. Other personas show off American culture, and also provide comic relief.

Wonder Keyboard will roll out new personas on a monthly basis. The next one to come is the “CEO”, who will help users effortlessly “utilize” buzzwords to create synergy and operational efficiency in conversations.

Who made Wonder Keyboard?

The ties were Sam’s idea.

Back in August, Sam and Allan (the developers of Wonder Keyboard) walked off their finance jobs at JPMorgan to change the way people think about keyboards. Although friends and family of the duo were shocked (and slightly horrified) at the idea, they thought it was time. In August 2015, they joined Intel’s inaugural education accelerator, where Wonder Keyboard was conceived. Wonder Keyboard was built upon the success of the duo’s previous learning app, Words U, which delivered a similar value in the form of a messenger. Words U’s appeared on outlets such as The Next Web, NBC’s Today Show and MTV, where reviewers liked how the app helped people “sound smart”.

Sam and Allan have ambitious plans to enhance Wonder Keyboard’s language processing capabilities and to push the boundaries on what defines a keyboard interaction.

Sam and Allan


See Wonder Keyboard in action

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