I woke up from that dream a long time ago.
Ron Collins

That is so sad that you already woke up to your dream😜. I am just kidding you to make you smile and forget that your dream is but a dream. You know what, when I was younger, I always believe that there is always someone somewhere for everybody and just waiting for the right time to meet and be happy together. You remember the song “Somewhere Out There”? We all see the same blue sky wherever part of the world you are. You decided to be alone and I know you’re happy with your arrangement right now and I can’t blame you. Anyway, just remember that “Somewhere out there, there is somebody thinking about you”

I remember back when I was in Japan, I have a co-worker who married somebody whom she met on the internet. The two of them are both divorced and have a grown up children of their own. They have this arrangement that whoever has time, he or she would visit each other. I think it’s strange but it works perfectly well for them. You mention that you want your partner to have her own house right? Maybe that kind of arrangement work for you. Update me when you found somebody like that will you?

Thank you for sharing your other story, I haven’t had time reading it. As soon as I got time, I’ll let you know what I think😊

Ron Collins …. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

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