“The Difference Between Cyber Dust and Twitter” (As I See It)

I was in a strong belief that almost all of you know by now what is Cyber Dust. It is an app that you could download on your phone, tablet and computer just like what you do in Twitter.
Cyber Dust is an app in which messages disappear within seconds or minutes depending on the length of the messages itself. When you first sign in, you have to create a username and it is up to you if you want to put a profile picture or a Bio to distinguished yourself from the other users. Just like in any app, you have to provide your e-mail address and your birthday so they would know if you are under the age limit because some of the materials that are being blasted is for 18+ users but you don’t know all about it unless you actually start using the app.
CD has a heart, it’s character is formed by the many users who are actually using it. Positivity, making connections with different kind of people, sharing your ups and downs if you want to blast it, tips of any kinds, business people who are willing to provide you their services, health and fitness gurus who are willing to help you, health and energy drinks of many kinds, attorneys who give pointers everyday and willing to listen, entrepreneurs, start-ups, recovery trauma specialist, teachers, musician, doctors, humorist, photographers, artist, housewives, grandfathers etc., to name a few who has one goal in mind, to interact and be of assistance.
I found so many good friends that really add value and make my CD experience worth my time and eager to read their blast and dust. The interaction you get here is more personal and we act like a family. Of course, even in real life family has disagreement but still, everybody cared for each other and if you want help, everybody is pitching in right away. That alone makes CD a good place to be with and you feel at home instantly.
Just like CD, you have to create your account with a username, bio of yourself and e-mail address. I have a Twitter account for a long time back while I was still living in Japan. It is so hilarious when I think about it and it’s the reason I didn’t use it until now.
On that time, I do love technology and social media so I sign up to have a Twitter account. The funny thing is , I don’t know anything about it and when I received a notification telling me that somebody is following me, I was so afraid and keep thinking to myself how it would be possible that they follow me, I didn’t even know them. I could hear my heart beat so fast so right then and there I didn’t visit the site and delete the app instantly.
I finally comes to terms to give it one more try because I know now what follower means and I use Twitter for maybe about two weeks at the most and I found out how different it is from CD. I am lucky enough that I get most of my friend from Cyber Dust so I don’t feel alone. Twitter is not so personal and you could only post up to 140 characters which is a bit of a challenge if you want to share more. Your feed consist of the post of person or entity you follow and you could gain a follower by liking their post or make a post yourself which is not easy especially you don’t know what kind of materials you want to share.
I also has a problem with hashtags, i don’t know what to do with it and I need more experience before it would come naturally. The only thing that I like about Twitter is the convenience of seeing and reading the contents of their post and you could add your quote if you want to share somebody’s post. I am not yet familiar with this app and still don’t know if somebody respond to you if you need help.
Because this is a new experience to me, I find it exciting and challenging and to see somebody like your post even without knowing them has a feeling of warmth comes all over me. Still, I need more experience to really be comfortable not unlike CD that you feel at home immediately.