The Feelings Of Nothing

Can you imagine yourself living in a house like in the photo above? You still can see like that house in the province in a country called “Philippines” even in the present day. What kind of scenario enters your mind? I don’t think you could imagine even in your wildest dreams what it feels like.
I was born in the province where there is no electricity in our house and we only have one kerosene lamp to light up the whole house. It is so small that when you enter the door, you could see the whole of it including the kitchen. I still have it picture in my mind because it is the place where I grow up and the only house I’ve known until the typhoon crushed and crumble it to the ground.
I remember the long slabs of wood that serves as a chair whenever we have a guest which is mostly our relatives who lives in the country and glad to have a place to stay for a night. We have two windows and I remember that the only cabinet we have is a small trunk where we put all of our clothes. We must not have much because it all fits in it. We used wood to cooked our food and not a lot of utensils. We don’t even own a dinner table so it’s more of like a picnic where we just slump around but I still could remember how good it taste.
We don’t have furniture either not even bed or chair or sofa nor television but I remember that we have a small radio where I could hear the songs that’s popular on that time. Those days are so simple that every time I think about it, there’s always a smile on my face. It seems that if you have nothing, you’ll do all you can to be happy and didn’t crossed your mind the material things that money can buy even though it’s good to have some luxuries in life. .
The. society that we live in is so different from my childhood. Now it seems that the simple girl of yesteryears who are so used with nothing wanted everything and her wants are endless. Today, it is not the need to have things but the want which is so different. You want things even if you don’t need them so it is just a waste of money and those material things that you want keep filing instead of just satisfied of what you have.
When you have nothing, you may want to own everything but you are so careful to splurge because it is not a choice. You buy what you need and even the simple things as buying a new shoes not because you wanted it but you do it because you need it makes you so happy and feel that you own the world. I remember my childhood vaguely but the things that stuck on my mind is of poverty but not to a point where we have to beg for our food. Those that are affluent didn’t know what it feels like to always wonder where the next food comes from and really sometimes, we just have to eat rice and I remember to not having a grain of salt in it so it is really so tasteless and so bland but at least we could have something in our stomach to prevent it from growling. That it is a feeling that was always in the back of my mind and it will be in my memory forever.
Those days are worth remembering so I could be thankful for every blessings that comes my way and it is really the simple things in life that could make living worthwhile.
I know that the only way to shake off that poverty is by having an education so I do all I can to get a degree even if I have to live in my relatives and earn my way by doing all those household chores by washing clothes by hand because in those days, washing machine is not an option in exchange for food and lodging.
I experience all kinds if difficulty like studying with a candle as my source of light because my relatives don’t want me to used electricity. I remember putting my feet in a bowl of cold water so I would not fall sleep and memorize to prepare for the exams the next morning.
I think, I’m the only one at school who has so many promissory notes because I can’t pay my tuition on time and my face is so familiar in the registar’s office but you have to do what it takes just to take the test. How many of you experience giving promissory notes every time you take a test? I bet many of you just go to school and not worry about anything and everything just take for granted.
If you come from nothing, everything that you have is like gold and diamond that you take good care of it because you know how precious it is and there is no way you could replace it. The only way you could really know how it feels to have nothing is experiencing it and you would be amazed that everything you own now has value and that you will not take it for granted.
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