Sustainable Philanthropy — A Circle of Life Mufasa Would Approve

Oct 23, 2015 · 2 min read

Sustainability and philanthropy go hand-in-hand.

Sustainability is the ability to sustain the economy, the environment or even a society. Philanthropy is solving economic, social and ecological problems at their root source, as well as making a profit.

A non-profit charity organization takes all their funds and donates to said charity. Charities often help relieve what is lost in an economy, whereas a philanthropist will not only relieve, but fix, the problems at hand.

So what is sustainable philanthropy?


Sustainable philanthropy is the ability to fix, economical and environmental issues while also maintaining or sustaining what is already prevalent. A sustainable philanthropy company looking to solve hunger needs to also solve the root problem, which is showing the hungry people where food is readily available to them. A sustainable philanthropy company working on ensuring renewable resources are being sustained, will therefore work to show the public how these renewable resources can be recycled into new and better products — like jewelry, clothing, etc.

Why is this important?

Climate change, global warming and the greenhouse effect are all terms that have been taught to children as young as five, and they are things happening to our planet as we speak. The ability to sustain natural resources and also fix the holes in the economic circle is something philanthropy is aiming to do.

The world is cyclical, and tends to follow the same patterns. The loopholes of the economy, and the continuous use (and arguably, the abuse) of natural resources are problems communities, as well as local and federal governments are faced with. Sustainable philanthropy will help to keep the natural resources protected while simultaneously creating more jobs for the economy to flourish instead of flounder.

For sustainable businesses, philanthropy may only be the first step. But it is an important step to take, especially if encouraging and promoting a healthy economy or environment is something they would like to incorporate into their mission statement.

Philanthropy companies’ aims to help the environment, the economy or societies are not only great ethical choices, but also look good to consumers when faced with tough competitors. A company that is profitable, but also makes a difference in the world is something a consumer might consider when trying to choose a company for whatever product they are buying.

Thinking Ahead

The main goal for many sustainable philanthropy companies is cleaner energy, going “green”, and protecting the environment; as well as building a stable economy for the future children. A sustainable philanthropy company is constantly building a world that will be stable for others to live in down the road.

Sustainable philanthropy is meant to help beat the cyclical cycle of today’s society. In order to earn a billion dollars, a company must solve a billion-dollar problem. Whether the company’s focus is on the environment, or empowering young girls in developing countries, or giving young entrepreneurs their chance to shine in the world, the idea behind sustainable philanthropy is benefiting to all involved.


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