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This was fear.

A few months ago, my husband was offered a fantastic opportunity. This piece of information is mostly irrelevant to the topic at hand, except to say that while the opportunity was fantastic, “seizing it” meant some sacrifices for both of us. More hours away from the family for him, and a few more chores and responsibilities at home for me.

Now, because my husband is pretty great, he has always made my son’s lunch for school. (How’s that for gender equality?) On the odd occasion that he couldn’t , I stepped in, awkwardly, as I do with most things, piecing together my son’s lunch box like I had no idea what young humans eat in the middle of the day. …

She’s More Entertaining Than The Real Housewives and Doesn’t Make My House Smell Like Pee

Our good friend Robin offered to loan us a tarantula. Robin is an entomologist and though she is a fantastic person in her own right, I have to say I take particular joy in having an actual scientist in my social menagerie. “She works at the Natural History Museum,” I’ll tell my neighbor, “She’s an en-to-mol-ogist,” I’ll repeat it slowly and just to make sure they understand, I’ll clarify “You know, she studies bugs.”

Gloriously gorgeous, creepily crawlily, fantastically awesome bugs.

And you know who likes bugs? Little boys. Little boys like my son, Harper.

Here was an amazing opportunity. Not for us would be the simple caterpillar to butterfly chrysalis. That was sissy stuff for sissified parents. No, we would go boldly into the breech and darn if that kid wasn’t going to have his brain ignited with the fire of all science! His hair would get crispy from all the science learning he would be doing. …


Bridget Foley

Author of HUGO & ROSE / St Martin’s Press. Reformed Novelist, Recovering Screenwriter. Fun Assassin and Assigner of Blame.

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