Staying Grounded

This is an excerpt from my new book of poetry + prose.

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Staying grounded is something each of us battle. No matter who you are, what your story is + what you desire out of this Life — staying grounded in your battle is a task we all experience. It goes beyond getting up in the morning to get dressed for that job we want to leave or that class we feel we don’t need. It goes beyond having a plan or an idea of how we will achieve our goals — and let’s face it, when has the game plan ever been foolproof?

Becoming grounded + staying grounded, like achieving higher states of awareness requires patience, understanding + discernment that is sometimes beyond what we have in our possession at the moment. Know that at the end of each chapter of our lives + at the end of our individual stories — ONE thing is beyond any foreshadowing we can use or any methods of story telling we’ve used — the energy that you have put into the story + how you chose to tell it .. It will b visible + crystal clear to every reader who delves in the Story of your Life. Be aware of your voice + the vibration it carries .. Our words are supercharged w our energy. Be aware of whom + what you allow into your scope. Keep yourself grounded through every experience that shapes your reality.

Sometimes we reach these personal peaks + people who are unaware of our battle will try to draw you into their field of energy bcus of the way we powerfully vibrate when we are at our best, or on our way .. Most of the time these people who try to deter us are energy vampires. Those people who aren’t grounded enough to emit a Light of their own so they stand in ours + tell us how the Light is unflattering or too bright or too dim. Recognize that they are not wrong for their opinion, but know that their low vibration is unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

We have a responsibility to ourselves to remain grounded + allow these people to go through their motions. Sometimes how we react when people try to feed us their messy energy is a lesson for THEM, not a lesson for us. Sometimes we are so vast that we spill out into the perspectives of others + they can’t help but spectate + give their opinion.

Sometimes that opinion is a reinforcement that we are on the right track + are reaching those spaces we wish to occupy .. Sometimes that opinion is one formed by the shadows of the spectator, their ego + insecurity being projected onto us, that is a lesson I’ve had to learn many times over. Be responsible for your energy + never let someone pull you away from your Path towards the peace that is self-awareness.

We aren’t obligated to engage people’s energy + people aren’t obligated to engage ours. But what we do have an obligation to is the greater good, we must continue to uplift one another + remind each other that we must remain grounded through any opposition. Our only enemy is neglect, not another person. We were all forged in that same fire 13 billion years ago — we are all composed of different organic materials + blessed w the God spark that is the soul. We are all a manifestation of ‘God’, even those who don’t believe in ‘God’ — I don’t feel any different from them, we share this experience + I recognize myself as their contemporary. We must reinforce our own beliefs while allowing those who oppose them to ground themselves in theirs. The Universe requires balance, not constant fighting. By remaining grounded we allow people the blessing to b themselves without the fear of judgement, rejection + misunderstanding.

I’m gonna quote my recent Twitter post ‘you have to value yourself enough not to match people’s energy. Let it pass through you + keep banging. Not everyone is in a happy place. And most of the time .. No wisdom we can share will help them our of their hole. They’ve gotta find the Light themselves. Judge not. Your attitude will change w each experience that you come into .. Character on the other hand is inherent + immovable’ — don’t b afraid to b that person who you are deep down inside. Ground yourself in your unique energy + move through all obstacles. Never let someone take you out of your character. We vibrate highest on the frequency of Love. Have love for those who wish you harm or can’t understand you. Wish peace to those who attack or mock you. They aren’t grounded enough to know which energies to share. Remind them that you too are learning + show them that their shadows will never exist around you — not so long as you have your Light.

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