Hou Tian


My favorite Chinese restaurant, which is called San Wang, is in Japantown. Whenever I go there, I feel like I am back home. I like ogling the people sitting around the round table and laughing loudly. I am pretty stoked about everything going on in this restaurant. I go there for special occasions with my fave people.

Fortune cookies that I got

What I like the most about this restaurant is getting a fortune cookie after finishing a meal. I do love to read the fortune cookie. It’s like the cherry on top.

I usually read it aloud to the person who I go with, and think about its meaning for a while. It is my pure happy moment. If I can have lots of Ikigai, a fortune cookie is definitely going to be my Ikigai. Yesterday, I checked the backside of the fortune paper. I used to not check the backside, but I did. There was a word of the day in Chinese and lucky numbers. My word was “Hou Tian” and it means the day after tomorrow, and my lucky number was 19.

Is a fortune cookie a thing that is meaningful for me? 
- Blessed is he who makes his companions laugh. 
- Hou Tian! 
- 19

Let me see how it will go Hou Tian.

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