What is an Interaction Design?

Personal Opinion [Concept]

For me, interaction design is a way of communication between humans and things. Nowadays, the definition of interaction design seems quite focused on electronic devices. However, we can find ourselves interacting with a lot of things everyday.

For example, I saw a sign hanging on the wall in Yerba Buena Park, “What we want is free_ Ted Purves” ( I mistyped it “what we want is fee” for the first time, btw). It inspired me to think about a lot of things more than anything else today and it also made me want to do something further with interaction design.

Also, I saw a dog in a woman’s shoulder bag on the street. Many people who were waiting at the light to cross the road were smiling and taking photos just like me to capture that moment. So, the sign on the street and the dog in a shoulder bag can be triggers that cause interactions among many things.