The benefits of Early Montessori method of Education

The method of education developed by Italian physician and educator Mari Montessori is still in vogue and implemented by teachers all over the world. Early Montessori education for children develops key skills in children and brings them up to be responsible and proper citizens. You should get your child in some pre k schools in Flower Mound TX as soon as they turn three years old. Today we will discuss the benefits of Montessori education on your child.

Child Centric

The whole philosophy of Montessori is developed around the child and takes his needs into account. Every child is allowed to proceed in their own pace without rushing. The teacher also acts as a facilitator to guide the children rather than dictating rules. Kids can learn by trial and error without the interference of the teacher which makes the learning process more effective. The whole classroom environment including furniture, etc is made small in size to suit the children in all schools in Flower Mound Texas.

Development of motor skills and cognition

The Montessori method focuses on hands-on learning. Children try their hands on different blocks, learning tools and everyday items inside the classroom. They have to take them out and neatly put them back where they belonged. Kids are also encouraged to eat their food by themselves and perform tasks like tying shoes, etc without interference from others. The curriculum and learning tools are developed in a way that it leverages the cognition of the child.

Mixed age classrooms

Montessori classrooms have kids of different ages with a span of three years. This makes the child observe their older peers and develop academic and classroom behavior. Children are also encouraged to help others which promote learning and understanding. You can experience a mixed age classroom in any best day care Flower Mound.

Fun ways to learn

Maria Montessori once said “One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.” Revolving around this philosophy, the child learns about the world by doing things rather than listening to lectures or memorizing books. The teaching methods are designed to engage the child to facilitate awareness and improved learning.