How to ask a great research question

Explained by Wonder researcher, Courtney S.

The original response can be viewed here:

The purpose of Wonder is to bring a human element into the process of learning on the web. Wonder can answer questions that are much more complex than something you would type into Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Wonder researchers are great at compiling statistical information from multiple sources, conducting market research, explaining complex processes, and giving advice to meet your specifications.

It’s vital that we have enough information to understand exactly what you’re looking for to provide you the best information.

The purpose of the main question box is to get the main point of what you’re looking for across to the Wonder researcher. For example, here’s what was in the main question box of some questions I’ve answered:

“What are some emerging technologies in waste water treatment plants”

“How many people in UK use ad blocker?”

“What the market size of photo albums and memory products related for saving memories for families”

The additional details box is potentially even more important than your question. This is where you can give us the background on why you need this research, what you’ll use the research for, specifications on what you do and don’t want us to look into, and any more information that would help get us looking in the right direction.

Put the main idea of the information you are looking for in the question box with elaboration on the specifics you want to see in the additional details box.

There are many ways to frame a Wonder research request. Here are a few examples:

QUESTION: What is the market size for voice technology?

ADDITIONAL INFO: I’m looking for the TAM, SAM, and SOM for voice technologies similar to Siri, Google Now, etc. I’d also like to know how the market has changed over the past 10 years and how it is expected to grow over the next 10 years.

QUESTION: I’m planning a trip to London and would like some travel recommendations.

ADDITIONAL INFO: I’ll visiting London going from October 1 — October 10 and would like suggestions on where I should stay in the range of about $200 USD per night. I would prefer to stay in central London. I would like some recommendations on highly-rated local restaurants, the best historic landmarks to visit, and what the weather will be like at this time of year.

QUESTION: Who are the major competitors of Google?

ADDITIONAL INFO: Please provide a list of the top 5 major competitors to Google including revenues for the past year, market share, competitive advantages, and weaknesses.

The most important thing to remember is to be specific with your requests. We’re not algorithm-driven robots, so every little bit of extra information helps! However, because we’re not algorithm-driven robots, we can search much deeper and broader on one search than Google ever could. Thanks for your question — I hope this helps you in future Wonder research requests!