Is it okay to not fully comprehend what you draw?

Does that make you indifferent or seperate from your own art?

Recently I wrote a poem regarding the Islamic prayer performed and its powerful effect on a person named “The man who prayed”. I couldn’t wrap my head around why it never felt complete until I drew this drawing. I do understand why this must have been needed to complete the poem, yet I want to understand how. The colours and joining of shapes bring my words to life. Or at least the satisfaction of it. But how does that release this tension?

So what do I do now? Do I ask others around me about where my art stands yet when my own mind blinds me that privilege. Even so, that would still mean that I will get multiple meanings from multiple people. I will have to learn to fully accept no paradigm but my own concerning myself. And that’s my goal.

I am coming to terms to accept that I might not know what I fully want to portray with my drawings and I might never do. But the physical release of it is all that I need to recognise, the mentality of having a clearer concept after a specific drawing is the reason why I draw the lines that I do. It almost always pledges to be a sign or release or comfort, as I hope it will to the observer as well.

They tell you you never know you’re in the wrong house, until you see it through your neighbours fence, meaning it might take time to get out of that conceptual zone where I am blurred by what I see, I hope to get the chance to see with the birds eye view.

If you have any recommendations, I’m all ears and thanks for reading!