The Struggle

The Butterfly Struggle

Life is about struggle. Sometimes we lose focus because we believe that we are not suppose to struggle. But that is the purpose of life to overcome,To develop, to evolve. When a man release his sperm off into the womb of woman. The sperm has fight it’s way up the birth canal, against gravity. It has to fight millions of other sperm just to be the one who fertilizes the egg. after nine months you have to fight your way out of the birth canal And Your mother is also screaming And struggling to push you out . We have been struggling since the beginning.

There has been pain since the beginning. Now once that we are alive , why do we think we are not suppose to struggle. Struggling let’s you know you are alive. A soldier never knows his strength unless he has a foe to overcome. How can you become stronger unless there is something to overcome. The only time you stop struggling is in death. And sense there is no such thing as death only transformation. Struggling never stops. Because you continue on to higher forms of existence. I want to share a story I heard one time “There was a man watching a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. He watch the whole process from the beginning. He watch as it broke through and begin to wiggle and squeezes its way out. About halfway through the process the butterfly stopped and stayed that way for hours. Finally the man got frustrated and decided to help the butterfly. So he open up the hole for the butterfly and the butterfly fell out of the cocoon. But his body was deformed . his body was huge and his wing were small and shriveled up. When the man called himself helping the butterfly, he handicapped it.

The struggling process was part of the beautification process for the butterfly. if the butterfly had been allowed to struggle through the hole on its own. It would have force the fluid out of his body into his wings. When we overcome struggle we become beautiful. It takes pressure to form coal into a diamond. In order for us to become the divine beings we are suppose to be, we have to struggle towards an upper state of perfection. Struggle is ordained. It is the law of the universe. Friction causes fire. So spark on.

If you stop struggling then you stop life.