Questions to Ask for Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing can make your brand top-of-mind, but only if it is done correctly. Remember, you are competing against a multitude of information which is probably saying the same things. Information, however, can be presented differently. The key is to make yours the most interesting choice there is.

Are you cutting to the chase?

Those who read or watch anything online don’t have a lot of time. The faster you are at making your point, the more effective your content is. Can you say something unique and useful in 500 words? That’s great, but someone who can present the hook in 200 to 300 words is doing a better job. Don’t be long-winded.

Making a video? Challenge yourself. Compress the whole presentation three minutes or less without sacrificing quality. Brevity is always good practice.

Are you unique?

If you aim for attention-grabbing content, you better be. You don’t actually need original ideas. Some might even go as far as to say that no such thing exists. Every idea has been said a thousand times over. But is your delivery unique? Will it grab the readers by the collar and say: listen to me! Look at me!

We’re not saying you should be loud. We’re just saying it’s not enough to just say something these days You need to perform. If you want to learn more about this, sign up for our sister company MoxieDot’s newsletter to get a free Impact Blueprint guide that can help you with this.

Do you have a voice?

The “voice” is something that is very important to any written work. It is what transforms a simple text into an actual message. It is the soul of the structure. It is your thoughts, yourself, your opinion and how you present it coming through what you write. Good content has a strong voice, so alive that the readers can imagine an actual person speaking to them.

Memorable content is mostly delivered by a strong and effective voice. It just makes absorbing information easier. If you have ever had a really good speaker as a professor, then you would know how a good voice affects content.

Are you sensual?

Never forget that no matter what type of content you are making, the space you are working on is always highly visual. When writing blog content, be careful not to commit typographical errors as these are off-putting. Play around with white spaces, type fonts and sizes to make reading a more pleasurable experience. Appeal to the senses and the imagination whenever you can.

Do you have space for images? Choose them well. Make sure they are attractive. Do not be afraid to be descriptive if you have a knack for it. If you don’t, use visual aids. Go for mixed media content. Combine videos and short articles to better communicate. Remember, in Content marketing, you are not just there to educate your readers. You are also there to entertain.

Are you accessible?

Take a complex idea and simplify it in a creative way. Voila! You have good content. Your idea might not be original in content marketing but people always appreciate a good teacher. Good teachers make even the hardest of ideas seem so easy to understand. You don’t need a long article for these types of content. We find that the best educational channels are actually visual content.

Take the time to design an appealing diagram. Make a short video to demonstrate your point. Are you good in math? Give “magic” shortcuts. Good at cooking? An edited one-minute cooking demo with a lot of colors will be watched by plenty of people and even shared on social media. As a bait, offer the complete recipe on your blog and watch the numbers grow as you monitor your organic traffic

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Originally published at on March 16, 2017.

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