What do the best tech leaders do differently?

There have been several failures in technology over the years. A TIME magazine article outlining failures mentions Netscape, Napster, and Blackberry as some of the technology companies that couldn’t pivot to better serve their target market. As a result, many lost millions for investors and were forced into bankruptcy or shut down.

“Missteps along the way don’t mean total failure, as long as you’re willing to learn from them and improve.”

Failure doesn’t befall every tech company. Many may stumble but continue to grow in value and offerings. …

Six Stories’ first online course, How to Use Live Streaming in Social Media, is now live! We can’t wait for you to experience all the hard work we’ve poured into this course over the last year.

Buy now for just $149 and get a 30 day money back guarantee.

How to Use Live Streaming in Social Media Will Teach You:

  • The top live streaming platforms in social media today and how to use them
  • What metrics you should be tracking to determine if your live streams are a success
  • How to promote your live streams before, during, and after they happen
  • How you can turn your saved live streams into other forms of content

Coming in at about 2 hours, this course can…

The live video trend continues to grow, with Facebook generating 8 billion video views on native and live video daily, according to Social Media Today. Many marketers know about it, but are scared to try it, mostly because so many things can go wrong on a live broadcast OR they simply don’t know what to talk about.

While the nature of unpredictability during live broadcasts can’t be completely controlled, if you make sure you have a good internet connection and solid tech (tripod, microphone, etc), most broadcasts go off without a hitch. What’s more, the good thing about live video…

Do you want to do more with video, but you don’t know where to start?

Does live streaming on social media seem terrifying and you’re not quite sure you’ll do it right?

OR, have you been live streaming, but you’re not getting the engagement or audience that you expected?

I saw lots of brands and thought leaders having the same problems, and I decided to take my knowledge live streaming for my own brand and Search Engine Journal and turn it into a course!

I’m excited to announce that my first produced course, How to Use Live Streaming in Social…

Admittedly, the thought of starting a webinar series seems overwhelming. Mostly because there’s always the fear that no one will show up.

Well I’m going to tell you a little secret about webinars: even if no one shows up, you still have a piece of content you can market and share to build up your expertise.

Of course, a full audience would be ideal, but if you take the pressure off yourself by thinking about how you can repurpose webinars, then the prospect seems a lot less daunting. To start a webinar series that you can both repurpose and a…

I had the opportunity to speak at State of Search in Dallas again this year, this time about properly scaling editorial strategy. By planning and organizing your content output successfully, you can better grow your website and blog.

Some of the topics I discuss include:

  1. Editorial calendar
  2. Editorial guidelines
  3. Working with paid and unpaid contributors
  4. What pro websites do that rookies don’t (and how it makes a difference)
  5. My favorite editorial and writing tools
  6. And more!

Check out the presentation on SlideShare below:

Here are some tweets recapping parts of my talk:

I’m hyped for this @wonderwall7 presentation, and only…

I have some exciting news to share: MoxieDot is changing its name to Six Stories! I wanted to choose a new name that better describes exactly what we do here, and that’s sharing your brand’s story online, whether it’s through content, social media, or better SEO.

It also fits better with our sister company, StoryShout, which provides industry news content by experienced journalists over at StoryShoutNews.com.

I have developed six “pillars”– tenets that we are building our business around:

CONTENT: Good content is behind everything we do. …

Whohoo! I will be flying to NYC next week to join the other judges for The Drum’s first ever US Search Awards USA. After having the awards in the UK for many years, they are bringing it to NYC for the first time ever. As a three-time judge for the US Search Awards (held in conjunction with Pubcon every year), I am excited to get to review more outstanding work, this time in person, with a panel of judges.

After we review in person next week, the official awards will take place September 20th in NYC.

This post was created with Pam Didner.

Content curation is the act of pulling relevant content from other reputable sources that you can share or republish portions, snippets, or summaries of on your own website.

There are some clear benefits to curating content:

  • Takes money and time to create original content: Content creation is not free. You need to spend time (if you do it yourself) or spend money (hire freelancers or agencies) to create content.
  • Balance costs with 3rd party content: Often organizing a curated post takes less employee time, cutting content creation costs.
  • It’s about sharing: It’s not…

Exciting news! MoxieDot founder Kelsey Jones has been invited to speak for the second time at the annual State of Search Conference on October 9 and 10, 2017 at Dallas, Texas. It is where the best minds and personalities in digital marketing will come together and share their knowledge in this ever changing field. Hosted by the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association since 2013, the State of Search has inspired countless businesses and entrepreneurs in maximizing their potential using digital marketing.

Last year, Kelsey talked about the challenges of women in the digital marketing industry.

Get $100 Off Until July 1st!

We have some great…

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