A Storm To Show The Way ⚡

  • I learned to believe in myself. The storm showed me that I had everything within me that I needed for success. Everything was there the whole time and I just didn’t see it at first. I was in awe of all this new content and developing a new skill set, which made me feel inferior, at first. During the storm, my business partner would hold up a mirror and show me that I could do whatever it was that I feared. We are all guilty of self-sabotage, and I was no different.
  • I learned to dig deeper for my self-awareness. This can be a painful exercise and you may not always like what you find. I discovered some negative traits about myself. These traits have probably always been there, but I didn’t want to see them. In the past few months, I explored my life and examined my traumas. My trauma deep dive was intensive, and I may not recommend this approach to others, but it revealed some truths that I needed to see and then reframe them positively. Further, I learned to lean into self-compassion and show myself grace.
  • I learned that my workaholic lifestyle was no longer serving me. The storm revealed my Type A, obsessive, achievement-focused, work sixty hours a week personality wasn’t best practice. I learned it was ok to put something off to the next day and that did not mean I was a failure. My work with mindfulness, breathing, and meditation has shown me peace and that being present and not ruminating about the past or worrying about the future is what I need to enjoy life. The storm has taught me to delegate and empower others because a one-woman show is not sustainable.
  • I learned how important it is to push yourself to take uncomfortable action. Before the storm entered my life, I was holding myself back. While in the eye of the storm, I learned so much in a short period of time. Every week when I checked in with my close friends, they were in awe of all I was experiencing, which was different week to week. They often asked how I kept up with everything. I wasn’t managing it all very well, but I was loving doing new, creative tasks and I felt like I was finally living. I was challenging myself. I acquired the self-confidence to do what I needed. The storm showed me to do what matters.
  • I learned to accept myself. No one wants to come to terms with being imperfect. I always strive to do my best, accomplish all I am capable of, and be a good person. Accepting that I have flaws and that those flaws impact others was challenging. I know I can be self-centered, I know I don’t always follow through on my commitments, I know my words can hurt others, and I know I can push my agenda too much. This self-awareness has been important for me and knowing a problem is the first step in solving it. The storm has helped me become ultra self-aware and do self-checks about my thoughts and behaviors.
  • I learned to value and cultivate meaningful connections and relationships. I realized I was transactional in my approach, at times, and I needed to strive for meaningful connection. I realize that friendship is so valuable and having those close, positive relationships matters so much. Brené's concept of “marble jar friends” is something we all NEED. I learned that relationships must be fostered so they can grow. If you stop maintaining them, these relationships can cease to exist. I have met some amazing people who have been a part of my self-development journey. These inspirational women have changed my life for the better and I appreciate them. I do not take them for granted, and I am improving in my view of relationships. Lastly, the storm has helped me save my long-standing relationships because I was not placing enough importance or showing enough gratitude for these amazing individuals.
  • I learned to focus on my goals and my true mission. I learned to look within for my goals, my purpose, my mission, my WHY. We can all find our passions and find the path to them. It may take time, but it is so important to put yourselves on this path. Do what matters to you. I want to help others. I want to serve. I want to leave this world a better place than how I found it. I want to leave a legacy. I know one person can impact the world and create social change. We have seen it time and time again. I know I am that one person who will do great things. Living through the storm has helped me prioritize what I value professionally.



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N Wonder

N Wonder

Owner of Trailblazing Leadership Coaching