A poem inspired by love

  • Beyond the trifles of survival is the quest for freedom;
  • Beyond the fears is a daring adventure;
  • Beyond the introspection is the peak of extroversion;
  • Beyond the unspoken words is the yearning for expression;
  • Beyond the silence is chaotic noise and shout;
  • Beyond the lame legs is some dance moves;
  • Beyond the facade of compliance is the outlier heart;
  • Beyond the look of meekness is some wild thoughts;
  • Beyond the seeming independence is the scream for connection;
  • Beyond the friendship is a blossoming love;

…That’s because you’re my muse and life is more meaningful beyond the obvious.

Africa’s Story

  • The Smart City

The term smart city is generally used to refer to improving the overall quality of life for people at home, work and play through the use of data and digital technology integrated throughout the built environment… (LightSavers, 2017).

Powerful forces are converging to make smart cities a…

Onyema Udeze

Entrepreneur || Writer || Instructor || Host, The Blaze Show

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