When outward silence gets louder than inner scream, it only feels like drowning, just by walking across the desert.
It was a deafening silence all through an endless dark trail - where did it start, and where would it end..? Somehow, I’d found myself in the middle. 
Hope is all I’ve got now, I know that someday I’ll hit the end.
I can’t even see me; I can only feel me in this perfect darkness.
The crackle of a single leaf is audible enough from two miles away. 
And just when my feet grew weary, and resting was only natural, came this tweeting, squeaking sound.
These owls could see me, but I can’t see them - yet they’ve got no love.
I tried to douse it, but my liquor could only carry me so far.
I tried to wake up, but no, this isn’t a dream! 
I’ve ran out of tunes to cheer me up. 
Yet endlessly I sought light or just a glimpse of the end of this tunnel, but my eyes failed me.
"There’s no end to this", responded my head in full accord. 
The heart was about to join the chorus, until it felt you, and that’s how the story changed...
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