[170628] Dreaming is nothing but an excuse

Dream is supposed to accompanied with supportive evidence.

When you have a dream, and wanna talk to others what your dream is, then you are one of two. An innovator, or a fraud. And the ratio would be 0.1:99.9. Yes, mostly you belong to the latter. The reason is that, talking about your dream is much easier than showing concrete evidence. The evidence might have physical body, or PhD degree(sort of certificate supporting the fact you actually knows something on the topic), or at least website made of Wordpress. Nobody will believe what you are saying without something visible. And once you got the evidence, then you do not have to say what your dream is. Because you can ‘show’ it. Eventually, the dream you are describing itself does help for nothing.

What your dream phrase actually affect on the others is about this kind of story. “I ‘already’ made this and this, and as a future work, I ‘will’ make this and that.”. This is the only usable way to exploit your dream words. Without concrete evidence, dreaming is nothing but an excuse. The more you spit out into the air, the one who get it back is you, by losing other people’s credence.

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