[170712] Listening the existence

Whatever, at least I am alive. I am living this very moment. I do not think about past, I also do not think about future. I am living, feeling this very moment.

It took a long way to reach where I am. Breathe, listen, and watch the particles of light you are facing at this moment. Then express them with your words. This is never easy for some way, but this is the easiest technique for the nature of your body.

Breathe smoothly, listen carefully, watch deliberately. Then you will aware that the whole universe is speaking to your soul. What you are supposed to do is just reacting on the calling of the universe.

One is all, and all is one.

You are not separated. You are never alone until you feel the whispering of the existences around you. What you are supposed to do is, keeping being awared and expressing what you just felt.

This is the natural way to learn.

You don’t have to be confused. This is like you just found the very core of yourself. Once you find it, then all you have to do is listening the sound from God inside of you. This is all belong to you. Following the very heart of the existence.

Especially in Korea, where my nationality belongs to, education got wrong its path. I believe the role of education is awakening the thing inside the learner’s mind. It should be awaken.

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