What makes my days proactive

is feeling deliberately what I am doing.

People love to listen stories from someone who achieved their life-long dream. However, when it comes back to our daily lives and starts being compared to petty one like myself, it is so small and naive that most of us might think ‘someone like me will never reach over that hurdle’.

But we should be aware of that,. No big tree was a big tree when it was young, and a little tree is never dreaming of becoming a big one. Look at kids, What they are minding is just feeling their breathe and touch so deliberately on what they are actually doing at that moment. Nothing more, nothing less. And, as a result, they learn so fast how the world around them is moving than any adults can do.

Tree belongs to nature, and so be us, human being. As we focus on each of our moments, we can actually make ourselves grow up. The role is not belong to the shiny-bright future or gloomy past days. The moments got a key.

So feel the moment and the very moment of your breathe, 
react on each sense of what you touch, 
the flow of moving pencil what you are writing with.
That would make you to be focused on the very current, and that’s where the proactiveness inside of you erupt from.

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