My Retrica Review

Retrica has always been my favorite app, mostly because of its easy access to filters and its shortcuts are precise and very UXsable (If that’s a word tho).
But things changed over the recent updates which shows some improvements and also other setbacks overlooked which was actually quite important and most users still miss them,

Here is Whats New and Whats Changed

  1. So we know Retrica recently added a few more filters, making more decisions for users to make and get them more engaged (Good UX).

We all love taking something a little different and something better than the last picture, filters just help make that easy.

2. As much as you love taking those pictures and sharing them on Facebook, whatsapp Status, Instagram or twitter, they thought of adding a feature of their own that lets you share to “My memories” which is quite similar to Facebook or whatsapp status or Instagram , okay okay u get it already 😉 .

Retrica memories, Please do Ignore my battery level thanks 😝
Please do ignore my battery level, it happens.

Well I don’t really think its necessary but since Photo-grid or Snap-chat does that why not Retrica, they have Users too.

3. Camera options are now located at the top left of the camera screen instead of bottom,thereby creating more space for the user to get a better view of their shots.

I might not be a Pro in User Experience but Here are the aspects what I would Regard as Bad UX.

  1. The First is Saving of Pictures, During Retrica previous versions, one could actually take as multiple pictures at a time which enable you select the best pictures from shots,You never miss a moment cos you could simply take 20 photos in seconds.

Now it lets you take one shot at a time giving you a choice to either delete or save ,taking your time by making a decision before taking the next one and by then a bird would have caught the butterfly and its bye bye until the next awesome moment. 
What I’ve discovered from most users is that they can’t wait to take the next picture, they sometime forget to save the last one taken which is quite a big problem unless you go to your setting and select the “Auto Save” feature and yet still wait again to save before the next shot.To me that is a bad User Experience and I hope they do more research on that because I might just be looking for another App soon.

2. Settings, o yes settings, It took me over a 30 seconds looking for it, after trying out all the icons available then discovered and an icon(A plain Circle) I had no idea what it represents which led me to a login/sign Up page “Really…. Just to go to settings ?” 😠 .

I Believe settings should easily be accessible for any user to reach for users to easily make their preferred options for their images,Hopefully they notices these setbacks and give Better User Experience.

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