Internship in Australia (Chapter 3 — Long Weekend)

I will briefly talk about the long weekend first.

On Saturday, I didn’t really have plan. My friends suggested we go to King’s Park, which is quite a popular place in the city. I agreed, but we planned to meet up at the university’s bus station about noon. So when one of my housemate, Jason, invited me and my friend in the morning to go to a student curry party on a nearby park we just accepted it.

It was a nice experience. I met a lot of people, students from different departments joined to have a fun activity. Their lectures ended this week, so they are throwing this to celebrate before the examination weeks begin. Some of them don’t even know each other before, so it was easy to blend in and have some good conversations. I met people from a lot of places, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, and more. They cooked curries, each in different tastes and styles, and brought rice to share. Some also brought drinks and some snacks. They will then share the cost of ingredients. One of them can speak some Thai so we enjoying talking a lot of random Thai stuffs. Public parks here have a stove for you to warm your food, quite fascinating for me.

Curries in a park? Sure.

After a while, we need to leave to meet up with our friends. Jason gave us a ride to Curtin’s bus station. (Yeah, he has a car.) We then took a bus to the city center.

According to the Google Map, we need to get off at one point to change to another bus in order to get to King’s Park. However, after waiting for quite a long time (looking at the bus timetable, we should have seen two buses by now) we decided that something was wrong and walked up by ourselves. However, it was getting quite late so we decided to change our mind and just explore the city’s CBD by walking instead.

We walked along St. George’s Terrace, which is one of the most prominent street in Perth. We did not know this at the time, however, and just walked along and observed that this street has some beautiful buildings. We walked until Stirling’s garden, then passed through it to the supreme court of Western Australia, then we walked towards the swan river and visit Elizabeth Quay and Barrack Square. (Again, I didn’t know any of these in advance, we just walk along wherever we think is interesting.)

WA Supreme Court

Once we were tired, we took a bus back to the university.

On Sunday I visited almost all of these places again, because one of my friend has just arrived and he wanted to visit some attractions. Given my knowledge at the moment, I just took him for a tour of what we saw yesterday.

On Monday, we just stayed in our house because I don’t really want to go somewhere (and don’t know where should I go too). Finally, tomorrow we will meet with the professor to start working on the project.

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