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A heartfelt Peeka April 2021 Newsletter

I wrote the following as a newsletter to our Peeka VR email list this morning. It’s a pre-announcement of sorts, anchored around an update of how Peeka survived and thrived during the pandemic. I tease our upcoming partnership that will likely change the landscape of Peeka forever. And all the while, I make it clear we’re just getting started.

Greetings Peeka people, and happy spring 🌻

I’m really excited to write you this newsletter that’s way overdue. I’ve been saving up as much as I could to make sure my next update to you was worth it. Still, there are things I’m not able to fully discuss, and yet, I want you to know what’s going on.

Each month from here on out, I’ll be writing to you about the exciting things happening in Peeka land.

Let’s get started.

If you’re reading this, we’ve all survived (with varying degrees) a very trying time.

For Peeka, many looked at the exodus from school to home-learning as a boon for Peeka. From the outset, my team knew it would not be. From the POV of Maslow’s Hierarchy, it was obvious to us, and many of our ed-tech peers, that schools would need to prioritize increasing access to wireless internet hotspots and laptops. We chose to stay out of their hair while the schools scrambled to figure their stuff out.

It was only because of the investments from my friends and family that helped Peeka make it through a most uncertain time for a business like ours. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to every one of our investors.

To get serious about THRIVING (vs simply surviving) through the pandemic, our team got serious about organization and defining what it means to “come to work” and collaborate in 2020.

I’m proud of what we’ve been able to do over the past year despite the chaos in the world:


So as I just said, there are things happening in Peeka land that I cannot discuss yet. I’ve only told my mom. But, very soon, I will be so glad to let you know the BIG things we’ve made happen during the pandemic. Sooner than later you’ll find out regardless of what I say 😁

But I will say that starting this summer, Peeka will have hit the boosters in ways we’ve previously only dreamt up. After 5 years of grinding with my team, we’ve finally earned the right to say: “Now we can get started.”

As part of this [very cryptic pre-announcement], Peeka has been going through some huge changes and updates to accommodate … changes to our app and website traffic. Additionally, we’ve been bolstering our content roadmap with marquee titles from marquee publishers, plus content types that we’ve never done before (how does an “I Spy” style experience in King Tut’s tomb sound like?). Our big goal is to get to 100 quality kids VR content pieces as fast as we can.

As a final hint, we have a new headset in the works 😁

We started Peeka in 2016. Almost 5 years later, the traction we’re experiencing is mood board stuff. It’s so, so exciting. And the simultaneous feeling is that we’ve just crossed the finish line, but that we’ve also just got the opportunity to begin altogether.

Here’s to accomplishments, and new beginnings.

Thanks for being a part of the Peeka story. The prologue is now complete.

Now we can get started,

Michael Wong

Clean copy, on deadline. Creating virtual reality experiences from beloved children's books with Peeka.