2003 Mengku Rongshi Da Xue Shan Brick 250g (二零零三 勐库戎氏大雪山砖)

Sep 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Da Xue Shan in Lincang Yunnan peaks at 3228 meters. This brick is made with leaves from hundred year old wild tea tree deep in the beautiful forest. Averaging above 2200 meters above sea level, tea trees grows uninhibited within pristine chemical-free environment.

The wild tea character of this tea is obvious in both fragrance and broth. It is woody and has a hint of dried fruits to the nose. There is no smoke in this brick. In the mouth, the broth is thick and tinged with slight sourness; an affirmation of wild tea tree. A small dose of tannin lends structure to the tea. The huigan/回甘 is sweet and strong after swallowing the tea. Often I felt cooling in the throat too. Ample salivation will follow. Qi in this tea is definitely good. This tea lasts many brews and as wild tree tea character wears away, it will get sweeter broths towards the end. I watch the general guide 7g/100ml very closely; too much leaves will extend the tea session and make the initial qi very strong. I will also watch my steeping time and water temperature closely. You can’t spoil the tea, I just didn’t want to burst my “qi tank”/tea drunk.

This tea reminds me of trees from Bing Dao village; only that proper Bing Dao village trees has much more finesse and degree of sweetness. Having been stored in Malaysia for nearly 15 years, it has aged considerably. Smooth copper coloured broth is a testament to it. If you like the 2006 Mengku Rongshi Qiao Mu Wang, this is only better. Contended that I found something so good recently.


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