2006 Rong Chang Hao Yiwu Qiao Mu Beeng

2006 荣昌号易武乔木饼

Jan 7 · 3 min read

If there is any tea that can give Chen Yuan Hao’s 2006 Yiwu Zheng Shan a run for their money, this would be it. From what I understand, RCH tea factory used to be a small outfit. It has now 6 footprint around China and they are expanding further. Prices of their new Yiwu tea reflects that they are at the mid market bracket.

What got me really excited was the taste has similar profile to that of CYH’s YWZS, albeit it’s dialed back a little. The CYH will cost 1.5x more than this limited 3800 pieces cake.

12.5 years of aging in Malaysia has made the leaves look reddish. There is faint plum note on the cake but mostly dominated by woody fragrance. Same goes with the brewed tea but the plum note is not as easily noticeable as standard CYH YWZS.

The literature here says it’s handmade from early spring tender leaves of Yiwu mountain arbor trees. It does look like there is fair amount of buds and the stems are plum.

The brew itself is copper-ish in color. It is very easy to drink and does not exhibit much bitterness or astringency even when pushed. I do get a bit of cooling at the throat but it may be subjective and need further sessions to confirm. The throat feel (hou yun) makes this tea extra special. Like all tea agreeable to my stomach, it makes me burp and does not make my stomach cringe and go hungry throughout the session. There is some sweetness around the cheek area. The brews are smooth throughout all the 14 steeping. It also does not have a sudden noticeable drop in flavor like many factory tea does; a testament to unadulterated single mountain tea.

I’m overall impressed with this tea because it has good price versus quality ratio like the CYH. My only gripe with this tea is that while the beeng itself is beautiful and all, the edges are quite compact and that makes lots of broken leaves when prying. It is by the way, stone molded.

Looking at the leaves, do you think it has pre-2006 materials ;) ?


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