How might we make cooking more efficient for college students?


General Ideas

I wasn’t sure whether we were supposed to elaborate on our previous ideas or create new ones, so I decided to spend some time coming up with new ideas for the topic.

New Warm-up Game

Originally I had envisioned a game that combined a sort of Pictionary element with the turn-based storytelling we had done in class. However, I realized my idea was turning out to be too complex and so I turned it back into a verbal-only game. Essentially the idea for my game was that one person would say a line in the story, and the next person would modify that line, repeating until someone decides to end the story. A minor problem that sprang up while playing this game was that the difference between modifying a line and adding onto the story became indistinct, as people modified through adding on to an earlier statement.

Session Organization

From left: L.W., C.A., D.F., and L.M.

The participants included two people I had interviewed previously: L.W., a Political Science major and UDS employee, and C.A., an Accounting and Law major and former high school athlete. The group was rounded out by L.M., a Neuroscience major also working for UDS, and D.F., a Psychology major from a low-income family. Thus all were in some way related to the topic.

The session took place in L.W. and L.M.’s apartment. Since we were in a bit of a time crunch due to the universal needs, I decided to conduct two rounds of my warm-up game before launching into the session proper. Even so, idea generation went on for a full 30 minutes and created a total of 43 ideas, making for about 1.4 ideas per minute. At first many of the ideas focused on policy and store locations, but by the end we got onto the product track.

Sorting and Voting

part of the idea wall

The categories were “App/Online”, “Utilities”, “Delivery”, and “Self Serve”. I used two types of voting, directing the participants to draw a star on the five ideas they liked best and a circle on the five ideas they thought were most creative.

Top Ideas

I wasn’t able to get specially colored paper or pens, but by cross-referencing handwriting/drawing style and memory I figured out the authors of my top 10 without much trouble.


Thursday 10/20: Contact people for brainstorming session

Friday: Develop activity & session

Saturday-Sunday: Conduct brainstorming session

Monday-Tuesday: Re-sketch ideas and scan

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