It’s never been this easy to be a pessimist!

Let’s face it. Today’s world sucks. We all know it, whether we’ve consciously thought about it or not. We’ve got crazy religious fanatics killing people by the tens of thousands halfway across the world, Donald Trump is being a complete imbecile while being popular at the same time, and the next door neighbor is nagging you about not cutting your grass. It’s my lawn, Dan, god damn it.

But in all seriousness, life really is hard these days. It’s a world where it’s hard to get the things that were taken for granted a generation ago, where even the most basic ways to make a living is denied to many. Unemployment around the world is at an all-time high, not to mention the over-the-top housing prices that guarantees that we not get a white picket fence without borrowing from Wall Street for it. These are first world problems, granted, and some might argue that as long as we’re alive, we have a lot to be thankful for. To those people, I suggest that they lay off their stock of Disney DVDs. I mean, seriously? We have a lot to thank for as long as we’re not starving? We live in a world where cans of Campbell soup are cheaper than rocks.

Coke is cheaper than water now, goddammit.

We’ve gotten over the “starving” problems for over a century now. That’s not to say that there aren’t unfortunate souls that are starving in today’s world, but we all know that starving isn’t the problem that sends us over the edge, the problem that we all sigh thinking about at the end of the month. In today’s world, the challenges we face isn’t the food. It’s the month’s electricity bill, the mortgage payment, the interest for the loan you took out for the car, and that promotion your boss keeps promising you but never actually gives.

We need more than food to live. We need entertainment, a sense of fulfillment, and happiness in general. We need our share of romance, and a sense of being in control of our lives. And the truth is, in the world we live in, this isn’t easy to come by.

For happiness, we need money. Of course, the Disney movie crowd that I mentioned earlier would feel the need to debate this, saying stuff like, “happiness doesn’t always have to do with money! Happiness comes from our hearts, from our being grateful for what we have! Hakuna Matata!” Well, f*** you. If we were grateful for what we had, we wouldn’t need to go watch an animated version of a 17th century novel that replaces people with talking lions and boars. We act all high and mighty when it comes to money, but that steak you bought your girlfriend on your date last Friday wasn’t free, and never will be. As long as you live in a capitalist society, you need money to do things that you want, and to be happy.

The hard part, as everyone knows, is that it’s not easy to get all the money we want. It wasn’t always like this. Even as close as 20 years ago, in the 90s, when most of us grew up, it wasn’t hard as it is now for people to get a house or a car. It didn’t need courage to date someone. College was expensive, yes, but at least you were pretty sure that you could pay back the college debt when you started making money. Today, more than anything, it’s hard to get a job. Virtually everyone has diplomas, and companies definitely aren’t hiring people who look bad compared to college grads. Because it’s hard to get a job, it’s hard to pay for a house. There’s little to no money left for use on the “happiness” I mentioned earlier, and yet we’re closer than ever to people who have it all.

I’m not on social media anymore, mostly because of the sheer amount of circle jerking that takes place in it. Instagram is just a place to look at how well other people you may or may not know live, where you do nothing else than watch Justin Bieber go on his 112th trip to Bermuda, Facebook is a place to see what your better-off friends are doing, and Twitter’s a place for seeing what people who live better you think about things, from the color of their dog’s shit to the size of their wife’s ass. (I mean, who f***ing gives a s*** if celebrities get mean tweets or not? That’s their god damn job, dammit.)

How come they get to live like kings and queens when I’m struggling to keep my job at a desk, when I’m struggling in order to pay off the debt I got for a diploma that I only got because everyone else had them? The world’s not fair, and today it shows better than ever. I probably look like a jealous s***head to everyone reading right now, but I’m pretty sure that everyone’s been jealous of their well-off friends on social media at least once.

What I’m trying ti say here is that today’s the best time for people to realize that the world’s not fair, what with the world economy the way it is and the increased connectivity between the rich and the not-so-rich. And to people fooling themselves with their notion of forced happiness at everything in their life, I tell them to go back to their bible readings and milk, because here in my world, I’m really not feeling the optimism. I really hope I do well in school this semester. But then again, I know I won’t. Kim Kardashian’s pregnant again, though, apparently.

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