A Case for Sharing Home Equity

What we pay for our homes has a significant impact on our financial health, but how can we reduce the housing-related outlay if housing costs continue to rise?

The Economics Editor of the Wall Street Journal, David Wessel, said once that the success of a mortgage-financing system should be gauged not only by how many people own their homes but by whether it can absorb shocks without crumbling.

The Need for Financial Resilience

10 million households collectively lost over $6 trillion in homeowner’s equity from 2005 to 2012…

And approximately 7 million households lost out on the upside, which created nearly $15 trillion in wealth over the next ten years.

At Simply Gray, we want to empower homeowners to better manage their most significant assets and foster financial stability and growth.

Time to Rethink Homeownership and Wealth Creation




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Wonkyung Lee

Wonkyung Lee

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