World Vision is a first charity fund to become an official partner of WONO, a blockchain-based p2p rental and freelancing platfrom with a unique charity support system.

One of WONO’s killing features, aside from all the benefits of blockchain, is the charity tokens system designed to support volunteers worldwide.

WONO issues charity tokens “marked” especially for a certain organization. Volunteers of this organization can use them to pay other platform users for rentals and freelancing services. Charity token costs nothing and works as an alternatice to “real” payment in WONO coins. …

Alex Esaulov

Here’s yet another case I’ve encountered during my business trip to California. Once again I understood that my team is doing the right thing.

I love renting private flats instead of hotels so I often use Airbnb. So did I this time. A nice flat, nice owner — everything went just fine. Until the moment I understood that I need to leave San Francisco earlier than I planned. So my stay was suppose to last 3 days instead of 5.

Of course I wanted to get a partial refund. I talked to the owner and it appeared that…

Sum&Substance, one of the most trusted digital Know-Your-Customer service providers, was chosen by WONO team to become a partner for the P2P platform we’re working on.

A proper KYC is a mandatory basis for every service which involves any kind of payments. On WONO platform users can encrypt your name and personal details not to show it to everyone, but the platform needs to have this data, for a couple of reasons.

First, we need this in case of possible fraud or other kind of crime. …

We’re excited to introduce the WONO platform:! It’s rather a concept, however it works on the Kovan testnet now, and that means that no real money can be used there. Nevertheless - it’s ready to be explored. In this article we’ll explain how to get test tokens and try WONO.

Actually, you’ll need two types of tokens:

  • Test WONO tokens for making test deals.
  • Test Ethereum from Kovan network to pay for the gas. The gas, let us remind you, is a tiny sum of ETH paid for doing something on blockchain: publishing assets, signing deals, etc.

Getting started

As we have announced earlier, WONO quits using Ethereum blockchain and aims to build our own, which will use the same logic as Ethereum but will be isolated from the cryptomarket. Thus, WONO platform will have 2 currencies, WONO coin and WONO token. What’s the difference?

WONO coin

Since our blockchain will be isolated, we’ll be able to set a stable price of $0.5. It won’t go up and down depending on trading activities, which is really convenient for the users who have come to the platform to exchange assets, not to trade. …

Seen the latest crypto news? Unfortunately, the forecasters who predicted that Ethereum exchange rate will get back soon after the summer crisis, were wrong. Current ETH price is around $130 and it continues falling. In such circumstances, in order to protect our customers, we decided to change Ethereum blockchain to a private one. And here’s a brief FAQ:

So the ICO won’t happen?

Certainly, it won’t. In such a situation ICO can’t be used to attract investment anymore. Noone is going to buy tokens for ethers when the exchange rates collapses.

What exactly is a private blockchain?

It is an…

Pretty soon WONO team will launch the first working version of the P2P platform where people from around the world will share their tangible and invisible assets. Alongside with that, our business development department has arranged a number of partnerships to get as much assets listed from the very beginning, as possible.

Yet the main audience of WONO will be private landlords, car owners, employers and freelancers, we understand that in order to have a big variety of rental offers, we have to find a way to co-operate with B2C companies. One of such companies is Auto Europe.

Auto Europe is the global leader in international car rental services and has been helping travelers find the perfect rental vehicle for their trips around the world for over 60 years, offering car rentals in more than 20,000 locations in over 180 countries worldwide.

In November WONO will start attracting private asset owners and renters. And yet user acquisition will become our new main focus at the end of this year, we have no illusion that such a process can’t go rapidly. That’s why we attract more and more B2C partners. Hertz has become one of such partners.

Our main business goal, of course, is to build an environment for individuals willing to share their tangible and invisible assets. But at the very beginning it’s essential to have a wide range of offers. Collaboration with big asset owners and aggregators will help us with…

At the beginning of 2019 WONO team hopes to get first active users and make a soft launch in Austin, Texas. One of the most important to-do’s before that is to collect a number of b2c partners.

WONO team doesn’t intend to turn P2P platform for rentals and freelancing into an aggregator of B2C offers. But a critical mass of assets from the very beginning can’t be collected just from private users. That’s why we’re actively seeking collaboration.

One of our newly attracted partners is Dollar Rent a Car.

Founded in 1965 in Los Angeles, California, Dollar Rent a Car…

WONO business development team has signed a new partnership agreement which is going to help us at the stage of the soft launch in Texas.

WONO’s core mission is to let people from all over the world share their property and talents between each other with no middleman and currency conversion loss. But we clearly understand that it will take years to get users accustomed to the idea of crypto p2p sharing.

What can we do at the very beginning to attract asset owners? Spread the word, offer the best price opportunities, incentivize… That’s a long story.

That’s why we’ve…


Decentralized P2P-platform for exchanging and renting of any assets or services without currency and taxation expenses.

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