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You decided to purchase WONO tokens but don’t know where to begin? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

An alternative way to buy WONO tokens — https://medium.com/@wonoworld/how-to-purchase-wono-token-alternative-way-8653c46b8b23

Steps to purchase WONO tokens:

1.Create a MetaMask wallet
2. Configure a Metamask wallet to Heco Mainnet
3. Purchase HT to pay for gas and USDT (in HECO chain) to pay for WONO tokens
4. Transfer HT and USDT (in HECO chain) to your MetaMask
5. Purchase WONO on the WONO token sale website — https://token.wono.io/

1.Create a MetaMask wallet

MetaMask is an Ethereum crypto wallet, which works through a browser and a mobile application. If you have no such wallet, you have to download it.

Download a MetaMask browser extension

🔶Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/metamask/nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn?hl=en
🔷Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ether-metamask/

Download MetaMask mobile application:

💥Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.metamask&hl=en&gl=US
💥iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/metamask-blockchain-wallet/id1438144202

2. Configure a Metamask wallet to Heco Mainnet

💎 Go to — https://token.wono.io/

Now you need to add HECO Network settings and add USDT and WONO coins as shown in the video below.

1) USDT (HECO) — USDT token operating in Huobi ECO Chain that you’ll use to purchase WONO tokens

❗️ Its smart contract address: 0xa71edc38d189767582c38a3145b5873052c3e47a

2) WONO token — so it will be displayed in your MetaMask after the purchase

❗️ Its smart contract address: 0xa02c7C0039F6551D52cf652A933e9C6cD35302E8

3) HT — HT or Huobi Token is the token of our partner Huobi Global. When purchasing WONO tokens, you pay for them and also pay gas. HT is needed to pay gas.

3. Purchase HT to pay for gas and USDT (in HECO chain) to pay for WONO tokens

To get HT and USDT (HECO) you may use exchanges that support HECO.

— If you are a new user of exchanges, then create a new account on Huobi or Gate and deposit fiat to buy USDT and HT.
— If you already have an account on the specified exchanges or others, then you can deposit in the specified cryptocurrency on Huobi or Gate

The video shows 2 ways to buy cryptocurrency — Fiat purchase through a bank card & Deposit cryptocurrency from another wallet or exchange.

For example, you may use:

💎 Huobi Global:

💎 Gate.io

Details about how to buy HT tokens and how many — read here “[Guide] How and why to buy HT (Huobi Token)”: https://medium.com/@wonoworld/guide-how-and-why-to-buy-ht-huobi-token-71fc81b8533a

❗️ If you have any difficulties with the purchase of USDT and HT, please write to us in telegram — https://t.me/wonoworld

4. Transfer HT and USDT (in HECO chain) to your MetaMask

When you have USDT and HT, now you need to withdraw it to your Metamask wallet.

When withdrawing, select the type of cryptocurrency — indicate the address of your wallet — the type of HECO network and the amount.

5. Purchase WONO on the WONO token sale website

  1. Visit our website and click the “Buy tokens” button.
  2. Choose the first method “I buy a token to my wallet on my own” and click continue.
  3. Enter the required number of USDT you wish to spend. The calculator will count the number of Tokens you would receive.
  4. Check the amount and additional conditions — click “CONFIRM
  5. Wait for the transaction process and confirm the transfer again if required
  6. DONE! Now you can check your balance and main statuses by clicking on the “Check Balance” button.

Additional Information:

1.Presale lock up period — the period for which your tokens are frozen in the contract until they are unlocked and transferred to your wallet. For the Presale, the time is fixed and is 6 months from the date of purchase.

Pay attention to the lock-up dates and the section of bonuses that will be credited to you. It will be possible to unlock tokens at the end of the lock period. Bonuses will be credited to your wallet automatically after the end of the presale

2. Token bonus — This is the reward that you will receive for your purchase as a Pre-sale member. These tokens can be used immediately and they will be transferred to your wallet at the end of the Pre-sale phase.

💎 The reward varies from the size of your purchase from 5% to 30% of the bonus. More details about bonuses will be written below.

About the pre-sale bonus system

All pre-sale participants will have the opportunity to purchase WONO with a bonus from the purchase amount:
💎 5% for any purchase up to 50 USDT
💎 10% for purchases from 50 USDT
💎20% for purchases from 100 USDT
💎 30% when buying from 200 USDT

All bonuses will be transferred to the participants of the presale upon its end. We will inform you about the accrual of tokens separately.

If something did not work out for you or if you have additional questions, then you can ask it to our group in the telegram — https://t.me/wonoworld




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