✅Update: [Guide] How to purchase WONO token + VIDEO 💻

1.Create a MetaMask wallet

2. Configure a Metamask wallet to Heco Mainnet

3. Purchase HT to pay for gas and USDT (in HECO chain) to pay for WONO tokens

4. Transfer HT and USDT (in HECO chain) to your MetaMask

5. Purchase WONO on the WONO token sale website

  1. Visit our website and click the “Buy tokens” button.
  2. Choose the first method “I buy a token to my wallet on my own” and click continue.
  3. Enter the required number of USDT you wish to spend. The calculator will count the number of Tokens you would receive.
  4. Check the amount and additional conditions — click “CONFIRM
  5. Wait for the transaction process and confirm the transfer again if required
  6. DONE! Now you can check your balance and main statuses by clicking on the “Check Balance” button.

About the pre-sale bonus system



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