1. When i visited at jolibee, i ate a regular meal suchas regular yum burger, french fries and soda. It is really cheaper compqred to other fastfood chqin

The regular price is only p75.00 for 1 meal. So i thought this is really suitable and affordable to a typical college student who doesn’t have enough money to eat outside

2. When i visited at MOST CRAVE, i ate hungarian in bacon. Tqste is awesome hotdog, bacon, galic rice and egg is really good to eat. This meal’s cost is p95.00. Yeqh i know it is a little bit expensive. So, if ypu don’t have enough money to buy these meal, you can order other meals like hungarian sandwish or special bacon. This cafeteria’s sevice is also good. When i ordered this, i had waited not really long; perhaps 6mins to 10mins

Anyway, if you feel so hungry, i recommend you to visit our campus cafeteria named “MOST CRAVE”.

3. When i cisited at CSB’s restaurant, i ate cheese steak buger. The taste was just so-so. What i mean is it’s not delicious, not terrible. I am not sure about that but i think this restaurant is just some kind of a bar, not only restaurant

So if you guys would like to eat somewhere, i don’t want to redommend this restaurant,

However, the price is really cheep. It is between p40.00- p60.00.

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