1. Tapes and Bodegones exhibit: There are similarities and differences of the Spanish and Filipino culture. But it all leads to the main point how food is well-presented in two different words. One amazing thing was how the famous candy Chupa Chups started. I was delighted to find out! This product becomes a part of the Filipino’s fondness for sweets. The local fruits and food in tropical climate like the Philippines represents works such as farmer, dishmen and vendors. We can see how Filipino spirit is demonstrated. No matter how hard it is to grow on fruits like these and no matter the arts will attack, it will not be a hindrance to work hard for the benefit of many people. Kitchen utensils and wares in Spain are also used by Filipino like a ceramics, cooking pots etc. As for dining, the Spanish table setting good for a couple’s date was proper and attractive. It can be compared to a usual setting here in a Filipino restaurant.
  2. The phillippine contemporary:

A. Two fishermen-1949, Vice Manansla: This masterpices gave me a good impression. When i saw this painting, it represented two fishermen or lavorers whi worked hard to earn a living. Teamwork was also proven here that every person should help and support one

B. Rememberance of the beloved-1951, Jess Ayco: A lonely woman with a flower pot recalled someonw who died or she had a bad experience or situation in the past. Dark colors were sued in tje background to show exatly the woman’s emotions. Flowers are symbols of offerings to a death loved one

C. Los Cantores-1950, Frederico Aguilar Alcuaz: A choir or a group of old men singing. They are also called as “mastersingers”. They are performing well in a huge area.

D. Untitled- Jose Mendoza: This masterpice represented a parent’s sacrifice to their own child. It might be confusing at first but after analyzing carefully, I was able to find out what kind of masterpice it is. The childbirth is shown here, how hard it is to endure all the pains. But it is all worth it in the end knowing that a child is born and considers a blessing from god,

G. Tess, Alam Mo Ba ang Ginawa mo?-1981, Leonila Doloricon: Images of female prostitude named Tess, an old woman and a hungry little girl. Tess probably was raised by her grandmother and they are poor. They usually lack food that’s why when Tess is grown up; she enters to prostitution which she think is the solution for their poverty.

3. The gold and pottery permqnent collection is closed for renovation

4. How is the museum different from the National Museum

Metropolitan Museum is better than the National Museum because there are several masterpices. Spainsh Cluture particulary the food style and its early history of different food design was really intersting. I’ve learned two fifferent cultures. Spanish and Filipino culture which is great thing. National Museum is huge but Metropoltian Museum is not as huge as I experienced but I felt it’s more comfortable. The access to go here is easy and there is only one main entrance which is not coufusing

•How was your visiting experience?

I agree that “the early bird catches the worm” . I’m glad I made it in the morning so I was more energetic and inspired. The heat of the sun replaced with coldness after I entered the museum. It’s really quiet because it’s still morning and there wewe only a few visitors. I believe it’s the best time to visit! I was able to see clearly the entire exhibit. I was able to pause, focus and just enjoy appreciating its beauty and uniqueness. My experience was awesome! I really had a great time looking back in the past and present.

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