Whiteboard Design Challenge Framework

Thank you for sharing this, Adhithya.

I am currently interviewing and many companies are putting together a whiteboard session(or multiple) during their interviewing process. I had been doing these whiteboard sessions on autopilot based on my past experiences, but without a framework like this, I’d run into roadblock at times when the interviewers are less engaging in the exercise, espeically during the process of coming up with a concrete problem statement that we need to address.

Muscling through the entire design process without a clear problem statement ( “<user> needs to <goal>, because <motivation>.” And, “It would be game changing if <whiteboard session goals>.” ), the design may end up solving the wrong problem altogether. I have had a fair share of working experiences like this in the past to now instinctively know to push for a clear problem statement before start building an experience for the users.

With this framework, it brings a tremendous amount of clarity and focus into the whiteboarding session and makes it much easier for the interviewers to jump in and participate. I still have a few interviews to finish before deciding where in the next few years I’ll be spending my work life. I can’t wait to give your framework a try!

Thanks again for an incredibly insightful post.