What is the problem?

These questions below are from Allison Burtch’s class at SFPC(http://sfpc.io). Although It is quite heavy questions for me, I think it is a good to see my mind more deeply.

What are the biggest problems in the world today?

There are so many problems in the world. These are countless. So I think it is more important to select a problem properly. So in my case, I have a tendency to try to choose a problem happening right next to me. It is easy to have more sympathy because it affects me directly. Although we are aware of many problems because of media, we have to focus what is happening around our community. For instance, Everyone should eat properly and live in a warm, cozy room to stay healthy. So the biggest problem in the world today would be concerning “How could we eat properly?” “How could we live in a better place?”.

In this perspective, I have been interested in a housing expense. When I talked to some artists, they said that they always be asked the question: “How do you make a living?”. And It has always been a critical question to them. And not only artists but called “the middle class”, Living in a house and Paying a high-rised rent expense has always been a problem.

What is the role of the artist in the world?

When we think about text and related writing practices, there are several genres of expressions. Poet makes poetry, journalist makes an article, novelist makes novel. So in a case of a artist, they need to make a story through any kinds of method such as making an abstraction, researching very deeply, experimenting various visual expressions, and so on.

But when it comes to solve a problem/concern in the world as an artist, I think it is not that quite effective. Instead, the artist is a super-effective when they stimulate a specific problem and related community and companies. So when people talk about those problem, it is quite good starting point to solve a problem delivering messages differently.

What is art?

That is the hardest question(in the world). I think it is all about telling a story in a various way. It could not be political. It could not make of visuals. It has no boundary.

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