Do something fun:

I decided to get my 5 roommates together to play a few different creativity games.

Pictured here are two of my roommates (Josh and Teddy) playing a game of zip zap zop.

We also played word ball and a couple other games similar to the ones in lecture.

Mind Map (image):

Mind Map (digitization):

I first did my map on paper then moved it to the application. In the process of replicating it, most ideas stayed, a couple ideas moved around and new ones were added.

Suggested Themes:

Proper Nutrition for adolescence: Bad habits are easy to start and hard to get rid of. It is important for children who are becoming adults to learn how important proper nutrition is before its to late.

Expressive therapy through music, art, dance: Expressing emotions is imperative to having good mental health. Not only does it bring you closer to others but also teaches you more about yourself.

Sanitation and cleanliness in communal places: Illnesses are spread throughout the environment so readily and is hard to contain. If there was a way to control the level of exposure, it would greatly improve health.

10 Silly ideas:

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