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A lot more stress discounts bad customers debt etc. If you try to do it by yourself sort of a marketing goals setting reachable marketing goals. If you ain’t nothing you’ll hit it every time. And of course Peter Drucker said whatever gets measured improves the ideas we need to set minimum goals for our marketing.

Discussion 1

In other words how many leads do you need in order to get the appointments that you need in order to get the sales that you need. So you need to identify what you need to make every month in order to build a profit a business you want. First let’s say per month I need to make $20000 to make $50000 or $100000. OK. Well then how many sales do you need to meet your revenue goal. OK I need a certain amount of sales and 10 or 15 or 20 then how many appointments do you need to have to meet your sales goal. So if I want to get 10 sales and I’m probably going to have to have like 20 or 30 appointments then how many qualified leads do you need to get to meet your appointment. So if I want to get 20 to 30 appointments then I need to be able to get like 50 60 70 80 leads a month.

Discussion 2

Do we see in order for us to meet our goals of what we want to make financially an organization we need to set the goals when it comes to how many leads qualify leads we’re getting on a daily weekly monthly quarterly basis make a weekly goal of how many qualified leads appointments and sales you will need and then do everything you can to shoot for it. So like I mentioned before your how to improve handwriting revenue go for the month is $20000 that equates equates to five sales that month which we’ll probably if you look at maybe three to one odds are three to one if your sales ability is really good you need 50 appointments to do that. And that will mean that in about 45 Leitz I mean if you’re really good you need less leads than that of the ideas that those 45 leads will get to the 50 appointments to get to the 5 sales get you the revenue that you need per month.

Discussion 3

But we need to set the goals just as goals are important because they can help us stay focused and continue to help us to shoot for that. That objective then we need the action plans that’s going to help us to fulfill those goals. Are asking yourself what will it take to get that many leads on a monthly basis. What do you have to do. What are you going to do every day that will get you to get to help you get the leads that you want establish the simple steps that you will get or that will get you the desired how to improve handwriting result that you need. I mean used past experience I mean if you know that if you make 10 20 30 40 50 phone calls you’re going to get 10 appointments. OK one that needs to be your goal that per week or per day or per per. You know that period of time you’re going to make this many calls because you know it generates from my experience this many appointments this many sales the idea if you talk to 10 people give you three appointments one say the whole idea and use a scorecard to keep you accountable daily.

Discussion 4

In other words a checklist to make sure that you get it done on a daily basis. And if I can say anything about the practical things that you can do to really make an impact on your how to improve handwriting marketing this would be it. This is by far the most impactful part of any marketing plan and it’s also the number one reason most people are ineffective in their marketing because they’re not consistently fulfilling the action steps that they need to make in order to fulfill their goals. But the key by far is to set action plans and fulfill them consistently. For instance this is a scorecard you can use for Monday through Friday.

Final Outcome

The task follow up on five to 50 prospects and when you’re done you check it out for the day. Contact one group or promote your how to improve handwriting workshop or set up a one on one with the coin or what I call center of influence network. Ask one client for a for or so on and so forth the idea is that every everyday you’re checking it off to make sure you get it done so that your marketing will be consistent.



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