The Unique Story of Maia Worktops

When you reminisce about your childhood, you do remember the games you played with your sister running all around your mother chopping away on the age old kitchen countertop, don’t you? Or the time you poured the full bottle of ketchup on the countertop just so that your little brother won’t get any on his sandwich? Or when you sat on the kitchen top dangling your legs and talking to your mother for hours on end? I hope you do. By countertop I mean the worktop of course.

All the scratches and stains tell a story. All the years passed and all the delicious victories of the homemaker are etched in the edgy corners of this lovely piece of furniture. So, when you are planning to refurbish your kitchen, it is only logical to give worktops a special attention.

The problem that arises while choosing this piece of kitchen furniture is the sheer variety of countertops available in the market. There is the classic wood, solid stone, modern laminate and fashionable granite. And then there are Maia Worktops.

So, what exactly are these unique worktops made up of? These have a board core coated with a luscious acrylic layer. The boards can be joined to give a seamless finish unlike the preferred laminate ones. They are the only ones in their genre that have been made keeping domestic use in mind.
Next probable question is their advantages over the other usual choices. So, here goes:

• As mentioned beforehand, they can be fitted seamlessly unlike a multitude of countertops. So, you get a solid and stylish kitchen top complimenting your kitchen.
• There is no hard and fast rule as far as maintaining a maia product is concerned.
• Their seamless surface helps in easy cleaning
• They are dust and dirt proof making them a hygienic choice for kitchen countertops.
• They are comparatively heat resistant
• They are easily repairable and hence serve as an investment for the purchaser rather than expenditure.
• They are resistant to household chemicals.
• Minor scratches on them can be easily removed using an abrasive pad.
• Compared to the classic stone or wooden worktops, these worktops are affordable.
• They are durable.
• It is still in the unique category as far as worktops are concerned and hence can make your kitchen the talk of the town.
But, like every other choice, these particular worktops have some drawbacks too. Here are a few of them:
• There are fewer colored worktops to choose from
• The dark coloured countertops stain easier than the light coloured countertops.
• Over time their charm can wear down
• Although you can easily smooth out the scratches, they scratch pretty easily. So, despite the promise of low maintenance you might end up wasting a lot of time polishing it.
But, in comparison to other countertops, you have to be on the same page with me on this one, these are far too unique and brimming with untapped credibility, to give up on. And as I have clearly depicted earlier, their advantages outweigh their disadvantages to a great extent.
But, it is your kitchen and your kitchen worktop. So, it is advisable that you do a thorough research about these before you choose the one most suitable for your beautiful kitchen where memories are made and families come together.