Timber Cladding and Lining Boards!

Woodhouse Timber Company offers an exclusive range of Finger-Jointed New Zealand Radiata Pine throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory. Woodhouse Timber is a wholesaler of raw, primed, treated and primed Finger-Jointed Radiata Pine products and distributes this range across all networks of the building material and hardware sector.

Our Woodhouse Weatherproof range of products offers a comprehensive range of finger-jointed pine timber products. This range is perfectly suitable for traditional and modern designs in all structural and decorative applications.

Our Timber Cladding profiles are can be used as a premium external wall cladding. The Timber Cladding profiles include Chamferboard, Rusticated and Classic Weatherboard, ideal for all kinds of external cladding projects. To complement your design, you can finish your soffit with our lining boards solution.

· Chamferboard Profile List

Chamferboard Profile List

There are 4 product variations included in this cladding profile with sizes 90x19, 138x19, 158x19, and 184x19 respectively. All the product variations are available in QLD.

· Classic Weatherboard Profile List

The product under this profile has a size 185x18 and is available in QLD, NSW/ACT, VIC/TAS, WA, and SA.

· Rusticated Weatherboard Profile List

Rusticated Weatherboard Profile List

The two product variations in this cladding profile have sizes 138x18 and 185x18 respectively and are available in NSW/ACT, VIC/TAS, WA, and SA.

· Lining Board Profile List

This profile includes two product variations and are available in NSW/ACT, VIC/TAS, WA, and SA.

· Weatherboard Stop Profile List

Two product variations with sizes 30x30 and 57x30 respectively are included in this profile and are available in VIC/TAS.

· Chamferboard — WA Profile List

Chamferboard — WA Profile List

The one product variation under this profile has size 176x18 and is available in WA.

· Sawn Face Weatherboard Profile List

Sawn Face Weatherboard Profile List

This profile includes one product variation with size 175x22x6 and is available in QLD.

The entire range of Woodhouse Weatherproof is factory coated with PPG industries Pink Primer that is ready for final top coating application. If our range is installaded properly and maintained according to building practices, it will offer a long time building solution for all outdoor construction.